Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Unique Indian Baby Names

Nothing is more miraculous than welcoming a new member into your family after nine months. It might be a mundane and biological process, but it brings along a bundle of joy and happiness for everybody. Your baby gives a whole new perspective to your life and, probably, the first thing you give to your baby is a ‘name’.

Deciding on a name is definitely a tedious job for parents. With so many different cultures and religions in India and the diversity of meanings, have made ‘naming of a baby’ a unique ritual here. Parents get loads of suggestions from family and friends, they browse online, they try to combine their names, they look for noticeable traits or relate it to the month they are born in. Some also go looking for an astrological or a  numerological connection and many more different logistics are applied to decide on a name. Parents have become quite choosy about selecting a name for their child and they tend to look for new ones with unique meanings, which are easy to spell yet different to the ears to interpret. They look for futuristic yet meaningful names aligned with Indian culture or religion and one surprising choice could be a biblical name such as Alexis .

Some innovative ways to make unique baby names out of existing Indian names of boys and girls are as follows:

  • Go for spiritual or historical names: Though many might believe them old-fashioned, but divine names can never go out of fashion in Indian context. Names like Om, Dev, Siddharth, Arjun for boys and Radha, Rashi, Padmaja, Durga for girls never lose their place in the hearts of Indians.

  • Tweak names a bit: Modern parents probably are more inclined to numerology rather than astrology. So, many tend to add an extra letter to existing names as per some calculation like Akriti becomes Aakriti, Kabir becomes Kabeer, Ridhima becomes Riddhima and many more. There are several examples, which might help parents pick and choose. There is no alteration in the meaning though.

  • Choose an attribute: Names related to an attribute or value always sound nice and confident. For example, Shaurya meaning bravery; Soundarya meaning beauty; Vedant meaning first ray of sun; Aadvika meaning unique and the list goes on.

  • Combination of names: You will get the most unique names if you combine the names of the parents. You might not be able to get a meaningful name always by combining your names. But, if you get one, you should make the best use of it.

  • Using suffix: Names can be made unique by adding a suffix like -ansh, -aditya or -deb like Devansh, Priyansh, Priyanshi, Adideb, Aryadeb, Devaditya and many more. These types of suffixes work better with baby boy names than girl names. Mostly, the meaning is similar to the original word, but might deviate slightly at times.

There is a huge gamut of Indian names with different meanings, which makes your job a bit difficult. But, it is important not to get too stressed with the process and overflowing suggestions from others. Choose a name, which is not too complicated and always pick something that both you and your partner like. Keep calm and choose a name, which truly personifies your child!

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